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Blue Silicone Hose 30 Degree Elbows (Imperial & Metric)

Product Code: BSH30

Blue Silicone  CoolantHose 30 Degree Elbows (Imperial & Metric)


  • -50°C to 180°C


  • Industrial
  • automotive
  • bus
  • truck
  • and high-volume production. Suitable for conveyance of oil and fuel when used with a fluorosilicone liner


  • Wall: Silicone
  • Reinforcement: Polyester
  • Surface Finish: Smooth

Suitable Media

  • Coolant
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • oil
  • fuel


  • SAE J20R1 Class A
  • BS903

Available Colours

  • Blue
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessBurst PressureLengthPliesShapeAngle
# of°
BSH30-6-10214614.44.2340.102330° Elbow30
BSH30-8-102516816.44.2320.102330° Elbow30
BSH30-10-102381018.44.20.102330° Elbow30
BSH30-12-102121220.° Elbow30
BSH30-16-102581624.° Elbow30
BSH30-19-102341927.44.2220.102330° Elbow30
BSH30-22-1022230.° Elbow30
BSH30-25-102782533.44.2190.102330° Elbow30
BSH30-28-10212836.° Elbow30
BSH30-30-1021183038.° Elbow30
BSH30-32-1023240.° Elbow30
BSH30-35-1021143543.° Elbow30
BSH30-38-1021383846.° Elbow30
BSH30-42-1024250.° Elbow30
BSH30-45-1021584553.° Elbow30
BSH30-48-1021344856.° Elbow30
BSH30-50.8-10217850.860.44.8160.102430° Elbow30
BSH30-54-10225463.64.814.80.102430° Elbow30
BSH30-57-1025766.64.813.80.102430° Elbow30
BSH30-61-1026170.64.8130.102430° Elbow30
BSH30-63-1522386372.64.812.60.152430° Elbow30
BSH30-70-1522347079.64.810.20.152430° Elbow30
BSH30-76-15237685.° Elbow30
BSH30-80-1528089.° Elbow30
BSH30-83-1523148392.64.870.152430° Elbow30
BSH30-89-152312891005.58.50.152530° Elbow30
BSH30-102-15241021135.560.152530° Elbow30

Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; we are not responsible for errors or discrepancies in the specifications. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Please contact our sales office on 01636816612 for further details!