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Megaflex Limited - Flowing Solutions for Hose, Ductings and Fittings

Welcome to the new home of Megaflex Limited. Our extensive range of hose, tubing, ducting, fittings, conduit and PVC strip are suitable for a wide range of applications, use the dropdown menus above to explore our site. Megaflex Limited was established in 1996 and has developed an excellent reputation over the years for quality and reliability. Our head office is based in Southwell, Nottinghamshire and we stock products in our warehouses across the United Kingdom. We offer an extensive range of flexible tubes, hoses, ductings and fittings.

Polyurethane Ducting

Our range of Hoses include Suction and Delivery Hose, Pressure Hose, Ducting, Reinforced Tube, Unreinforced Tubing, Conduit, Dekabon Tube, among others! In a wide variety of materials such as PVC, Polyurethane, Nylon Tube, PTFE Tube, Rubber Hose, Viton® Tube, Santoprene® Tube, Silicone Tube, Neoprene Tubing, Latex Tube, LDPE Tubing, Polypropylene Conduit, UHMWPE Chemical Hose, Dekabon/Synflex 1300 Aluminium Tubing, Hypalon® among others!

Fittings and Hosetails

Our fittings range includes BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric, Imperial, UNF, UNC, BSW, BA standard threads any many more combinations can be used to match any unusual hose connectors, standpipes, nipples, bushes, manifold blocks or other special parts. Our manufacturing team can custom machine fittings to exacting specifications (subject to minimum order quantities) in Brass, Nickel Plated, Steel, Plastic, PTFE, Nylon, among others. We also offer a wide variety of valves, gauges, safety products, engineering consumables, air tools, hand tools and many more!

We endeavour to keep our website up to the minute with our massive range of products, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please don't hesistate to contact a member of our team! You can contact us;

by Phone on: (0044) 1636 816 612

by Email on:

by Fax on: (0044) 1636 816 528

Some of the products we have to offer are listed below:

Reinforced Hoses

Reinforced Hoses have either a polyester or nylon type braid reinforcement for delivery and pressure applications, or a helically bound metal spiral reinforcement to provide additional support when used for vacuum and suction purposes. Our diverse range of reinforced hoses suit many applications such as: gravel transport, wood chip extraction, cement placement, water suction & delivery, air & ventilation ductings, furnace coolant hose, milk processing, brewing hose, agricultural delivery hose and many others!

PVC Suction and Delivery Hose

PVC Suction and Delivery Hoses are used for a wide range of applications such as chemical transport, water suction & delivery, any many others!

Layflat Hose

Layflat Hose is reinforced and used for delivery applications such as on farms, and in agricultural water and grain delivery.

Rubber Suction & Delivery Hose

Rubber Mandrel Built Hoses are suitable for a vast array of applications such as oil, fuel, chemical, cement placement and many others. They are supplied by the metre and reinforced with fibre and/or wire for both pressure and suction applications.

Oil Suction & Delivery Hose

Usually rubber suction and delivery hose is used for oil, we have a great range of high quality mandrel built rubber oil hoses. We can supply our rubber suction & delivery hoses by the metre.

Fuel Suction & Delivery Hose

We supply aircraft refuelling hose, aircraft defuelling hose and regular fuel transport hoses to various sectors of the market, we pride ourselves on our availability and high quality.

Welding & Gas Hose

Welding, Gas, Oxygen Hose, Argon Hose, Acetylene, Oxy-Acetylene, Propane Hose and our Twinline Green and Yellow Gas Hose are all perfectly suitable for welding & gas applications, we can also supply weld-splatter resistant ductings for resistance to sparks and high temperatures.

Chemical Hose

We have a massive range that incorporates most chemicals. We have PTFE Tube & Viton Tube which are virtually resistant to every chemical, we also have variants that are PTFE and Viton lined rubber chemical hoses, and standard PVC suction & delivery hose is exceptionally cost effective for less aggressive chemicals. We also have nylon tube, silicone hose, and many more! Let us know what chemicals you are using, and we can advise an appropriate product for you!

Automotive Hose

We have loads in the way of Automotive Hose; we have a massive range of nylon reinforced silicone hoses and silicone turbocharger hoses. These are ideal for internal car parts, and air intakes. We also have rubber car heater hose, and various silicone & neoprene ductings.

Flexible Ducting & Suction Hose

Ductings are commonly used in extraction, such as dust extraction, particle extraction, wood chip & sawdust extraction, and air conditioning style applications. We have many different ductings to cover a wide range of applications, with many outstanding features, such as microbe resistance, fire retardant ductings, antistatic ductings, any many more!

Wood Chip Extraction Hose

Our Wood Chip Extraction Ductings are perfect for biomass boiler wood pellet transfer, for suction of wood pellets through the biomass boiler system, for collecting wood chips, extracting sawdust and chips from cutting and sanding machines, lathes and circular saws.

Dust and Air Ducting

Dust and Air Ductings are lightweight products, suitable for air conditioning, ventilation, dust extracting, fume extraction, air blowers, light vacuum.

Air Conditioning Ducting

Air Conditioning Ductings are used primarily for air conditioning systems, but can also be used for fume extraction, dust extraction, light vacuum applications, and general ventilation.

Microbe Resistant & Hydrolysis Resistant Hose

Microbe & Hydrolysis Resistant Ductings are especially useful for outdoor applications, or where ductings need to run up the side of a building or outhouse. They can be used on machinery such as tractors, and combine harvesters as grain transfer hoses, and for ourdoor stable applications, such as paddock cleaning, as "Poovers" or poo vacuums for horse manure suction, and general cleaning in outdoor environments i.e. leaf collection, grass cutting vacuums etc.

Antistatic Ducting

Antistatic Ductings are excellent where high abrasion, and static come together. They are designed to dissipate the static charges that build up with heavy flowing static material. They are often used for plastic pellets and fibres.

Fire Retardant Ducting

Fire Retardant Ductings are useful in environments where there are higher than normal risks of fire. Places such as woodworking and certain engineering workshops, naval vessels, and other potential fire risk areas.

Pharmaceutical Grade Hose

Our Pharmaceutical Hoses are made to pharmaceutical food grade, in materials such as platinum cured silicone. Only the highest quality materials are used.

Tubing - Nylon Tube, PTFE Tube, Viton Tube, PVC Tube

Unreinforced Tubing comes in many shapes and sizes, we have heavily chemical resistant tubes such as Viton, PTFE and Nylon, we also have tubes for general laboratory measuring equipments, air line coils, pneumatic tubing, bleed lines, brake controls, lubrication lines, petrol tank breather pipes, water monitoring, food and many other uses.

Nylon Tube

Nylon Tube for oil lines, petrol tank breather pipes, greasing sheaths, pneumatic controls, bleed lines, brake controls and lubrication lines.


PTFE Tube is virtually inert to all known chemicals & solvents, has excellent non-stick properties and enjoys a wide temperature range from –200ºC up to 300ºC making it ideal for applications such as semiconductor manufacture, water monitoring, gas analysis and specialist fluid handling.

Viton Tube

Viton Tube has extremely high chemical resistance, and is commonly used in environments where other tubing simply would not survive, such as in harsh chemical reservoirs, chemical waste processing, chemical sampling and identification.

PVC Tube

Our standard PVC Tube is used as a general purpose hose for air, water, light chemicals and other general uses. The cost effectiveness of standard clear PVC tube is exceptional, making it perfect for low pressure, simple applications.

Laboratory Grade PVC Tube

PVC Laboratory Tubing is a slightly softer (Peristaltic) grade, offering additional flexibility, allowing for it to be used in much smaller environments and tight spaces. It is often used in measuring equipment in laboratories.

Dekabon / Synflex 1300 Tube

Synflex 1300 / Dekabon Tube is commonly used in pneumatic applications, and as air sniffing tube for air testing facilities. It is supplied in long lengths, and provides excellent protection to the contents as a result of it's HDPE cover. Aluminium inside tube makes Dekabon malleable, but remain in place when moved, holding its form makes it a completely unique product.

Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane Tubing for pneumatic control systems and air line coils.


Silicone Tube

Silicone Tube and hose has good physical stability, is naturally translucent, odourless, tasteless and inert with good resistance to ozone, UV and a wide range of chemicals. It is soft and highly flexible with good resistance to extremes of temperature making it repeatedly autoclavable and suited to medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries.

Santoprene Tube

Santoprene Tube is a thermoplastic rubber product with excellent wear and abrasion resistance, suitable for peristaltic pumps where constant flexing would wear down other tubing. It is non-toxic and can be sterilised or autoclaved.

Neoprene Tube

Neoprene Tube is has good ageing and weathering resistance, along with medium resistance to petroleum based oils and hydrocarbon exposure. It also offers excellent electrically insulating properties.

Latex Tube

Latex Tube is extremely flexible and elastic. It can stretch up to 500% in length, and is used for general laboratory tubing, catapults and exercise equipment.

Fittings, Hosetails, Adaptors, Compression Fittings, Pneumatic, Hydraulic

Our massive range of Fittings comprises of Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hosetails, Adaptors, Compression Fittings, Clips, Clamps, Fasteners, Compressors, Pumps, Malleable Pipe, Plastic & Push In Fittings, Stainless Steel Fittings and an extensive range of engineering consumables and tools!

Industrial & Process Valves

Hydraulic Quick Fit Couplings

Hydraulic Hosetails & Adaptors

Hydraulic Compression Fittings

Hydraulic Actuation & Tooling Products

Hydraulic Valves & Accessories

Hydraulic Filtration Equipment

Pneumatic Quick Fit Couplings

Pneumatic Actuation

Pneumatic Valves & Accessories

Air Preparation & Control

Hosetails & Adaptors

Plastic & Push In Fittings

Brass Compression Fittings

Stainless Steel Hosetails & Adaptors

Stainless Steel Compression Fittings

Tubing & Hosereels

Ringmain Systems

Malleable Pipe & Fittings

Vacuum Cups, Generators, Valves & Accessories

Washdown Equipment

Cetaform Hand Tools

Blowguns, Movers and Nozzles

Workshop, Airtools & Lubricants

Engineering Consumables & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Education & Training Products

Compressors & Pumps

Clamps, Clips & Fasteners

Parker Product Store

PVC Strip Doors & PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain is often used in warehouses, supermarkets, on lorries & trucks, design studios, as machinery protection, walkways, partitions, doorways, screens, as sound proofing on walls, ceiling and floors. It can be supplied in sheet or strip format in different widths, and a massive range of different colours. We can offer ready-to-hang sets of doors, or we can supply bulk 50m reels of PVC Strip. We also have instructional guides on how to fit PVC Strip Doors and Hanging Systems.

Clear PVC Strip Curtain

Clear PVC Strip Doors are often used in environments where traffic is going both ways, to improve visibility. It can be used in warehouses, supermarkets, as doorways, and insulation.

Coloured PVC Strip Curtain

We often provide marker strips of a different colour for our standard clear PVC strip doors, to identify where the edges are, which helps promote safety.

Antistatic PVC Strip Curtain

Antistatic PVC Strip Doors can be used in environments where high static, or potentially explosive substances are used, as an extra degree of safety. The static-dissipative doors help ensure that the environment is spark-free.

Insect Repellent PVC Strip Doors

Insect Repellent PVC Strip Curtain has a yellow tint to deter insects, and a citronella smell which causes insects to keep their distance. It comes in standard or ribbed.

Fire Retardant PVC Strip Doors

Fire Retardant PVC Strip doors are an excellent way to prevent the spread of fire. In harsh environments, often fire safety is paramount, and Fire Retardant PVC Strip Doors buy that extra time if a fire were to break out, which could end up saving lives.

PVC Welding Strip Partitions

Welding PVC Strip Doors are used commonly in welding bays, and engineering workshops, where they separate workers from the UV radiation, and bright ends of the welding equipment.

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

Ribbed PVC Strip Doors offer additional protection again constant rubbing and vehicular damage from forklift trucks, LLOPS, Pallets, and other warehouse vehicles.

Reinforced PVC Strip Curtain

Reinforced PVC Strip Doors have extremely high tear resistance, which is perfect for environments where tearing is likely, such as mining operations, and near forklift trucks.

UV Resistant PVC Strip Curtain

UV Resistant PVC Strip is used around machinery where UV radiation is a problem, and also in environments where workers are constantly exposed to excess UV radiation.

Refrigerator / Coldstore PVC Strip Doors

Polar PVC Strip Doors are used in environments such as warehouse or supermarket cold stores / walk in refrigerators, where the added insulation helps keep running costs to a minimum without impedeing traffic.

Freezer / Blast Freezer PVC Strip Doors

Super Polar PVC strip Doors are used on Blast Freezers and general walk-in freezers as an additional level of insulation, whilst allowing easy access.

PVC Strip Door Hanging Systems & Metal Rails

PVC Strip Hanging Systems and guides are available on our Hanging Systems Page. There are full step-by-step pictures of how to hang PVC strip doors, and detailed guides of the composition of our PVC strip.

PVC Sheet

PVC Sheet is generally wider than PVC strip, often in 1-2m widths.

Flexible Conduit

Our huge range of conduit is perfect for cable protection in all conditions, we have various levels of protective conduit, ranging from plastic to stainless steel. We have liquid tight conduit, corrugated conduit, and more recently we can offer some of our conduit ready strung with draw wire for easy installations.

Reinforced PVC Conduit

PVC Spiral Reinforced Conduit is often used for light cable protection where a degree of mechanical protection is required.

Galvanised Steel Conduit

Galvanised Steel Conduit is used commonly in environments where heavy mechanical protection is required.

PVC Covered Steel Conduit

PVC Coated Steel Conduit is used as a waterproof and strong mechanical & crush resistant conduit to protect cables outside.

Liquid Tight PVC Coated Steel Conduit

Our Liquid Tight Conduit can be used with our liquid tight fittings for a perfectly liquid tight solution

Steel Overbraided Conduit

Steel Overbraided Conduit adds excellent scuff and wear protection.

Heavy Duty PVC Conduit

A much more cost effective version than the galvanised steel conduit, the heavy duty PVC conduit offers quite reasonable mechanical protection.

Nylon Conduit

Nylon conduit offers a cost effective, weather resistant conduit solution, for protecting cables in chemical environments.

Polypropylene Conduit

Polypropylene Conduit is the most cost effective option, providing weather resistance but little in the way of mechanical resistance.

Stainless Steel Conduit

Stainless Steel Conduit is an excellent all-round conduit, providing protection from crushing, weathering and wear.

Polyester Expandable Braid Conduit

Polyester Expandable Braid is often used to keep cables together, and prevent wear and scuffing near sharp edges.

Heatshrink Tube

Heat Shring Tubing is perfect for keeping cables together and organising server rooms, and other cable-dense environments.

Wiring Accessories

Wiring Terminals, electrical tape, cable ties and accessories for cables and wires.

Contractors Conduit Packs

Our Contractors Conduit Packs offer ready-cut lengths for trade use with fittings to accompany in standard sizes and lengths.

Cut Length Conduit Assemblies

Our Conduit Cut Length Assemblies are aimed at residential projects, and non-commercial buyers, for underfloor wiring, and protecting cables around the home. They come in standard short cut lengths, with suitable fittings.

Megaflex Limited
Established 1996
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