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200mm wide x 2mm thick Clear Polar Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

200mm wide x 2mm thick Clear Polar Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain
Clear Polar Grade PVC Strip is used for cold stores and freezers, suitable for temperatures between +20°C to -25°C.
Ideal for use on refrigerated vehicles, freezer rooms, cold stores, supermarket chilled backups, freezer backups, and on the shop floor. High clarity ensures safety at all times, where heavy traffic flowing in both directions could otherwise lead to collisions!

Ribbed PVC Strip (or 'Bumper Strip') as it is more commonly known, is excellent for environments with heavy machinery, forklifts, LLOP trucks and other vehicles.
The ribs help to protect the main body of the PVC strip from damage and scuffs (from pallets, trolleys, crates, forks, cages, etc) where they help to maintain the clarity for longer and considerably increase the life-expectancy of the strip.
Part NumberWidthThicknessMaterialSurfaceLengthWeightPriceAdd to Basket
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