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Fixed Fitting for Galvanised Steel Conduit IP40 Rated

Fixed Fitting for Galvanised Steel Conduit IP40 Rated
Dive into the realm of secure electrical installations with our Fixed Fitting for Galvanised Steel Conduit, proudly carrying an IP40 Rating. This fixture is a game-changer for any setup requiring steadfast resilience, including advanced lighting systems and underfloor heating applications.

Key Attributes:

Metric & NPT Threads: Ranging from M16 to M50, and NPT 3″ & 4″ to suit a range of different scenarios.
IP40 Protection: Designed to ward off intrusion from solid objects, ensuring a safe and secure electrical network.
Galvanised Steel Build: Offers unparalleled durability and reliability, making it ideal for ensuring long-term connections.
High-Temperature Resilience: Exceptionally suited for environments with extreme temperatures, ranging from a chilling -50°C to a scorching 500°C.
Seamless Integration: Perfectly complements the B Series Galvanised Steel Conduit, providing a cohesive and robust solution for your electrical conduiting needs.

Maximizing Durability in Electrical Installations

Constructed from top-tier electro-galvanised steel, this fixed fitting isn't just about creating connections; it's about ensuring the longevity and reliability of your electrical infrastructure. Whether you're dealing with the rigors of constant flexing or the challenges of high-heat environments, this fitting stands as your ally, promoting safety and efficiency.

For a thorough exploration of compatible conduit types and to delve into additional options, please refer to the detailed list below the table on our product page. Links to individual product pages are provided for your convenience.

Looking for pre-cut lengths with fittings? Consider our contractor packs for larger projects or ongoing needs. Search for product codes 'PB20' or 'PC20', tailored to cater to the professional demands of contractors. Elevate your electrical installations with this essential fitting, designed to face the toughest challenges head-on.
TypeFixed Fitting
Ingress ProtectionIP40
Part NumberThreadTrade Size
CF753″ NPT75
CF1004″ NPT100

Designed for use with the following conduit

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Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature and atmospheric pressure unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; guidance is no substitute for in-situ testing which we recommend you perform prior to approving any product. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or discrepancies in the specifications.

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