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Black Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit LS0H

Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit (Low Smoke, Halogen Free) IP54 Rated in Black
Discover the cutting-edge protection offered by our C-Series LSOH (Low Smoke, Halogen Free) Black Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit. Engineered for environments where safety and flexibility are paramount, this conduit is an exemplary choice for a myriad of applications across both commercial and industrial sectors.

Features of C-Series LSOH Galvanised Steel Conduit

The C-Series LSOH Conduit elevates the standards of wiring protection with its unique construction and safety features, ensuring it meets the demands of various installations.

• High Mechanical Protection: This conduit provides outstanding mechanical protection, safeguarding cables from damage in even the most challenging environments.

• Exceptional Flexibility: Despite its protective coating, the C-Series LSOH maintains remarkable flexibility, allowing for easy installation in tight or complex spaces.

• Low Smoke, Halogen Free: Prioritizing safety, its low smoke and halogen-free characteristics make it ideal for use in sensitive environments, reducing toxic emissions in the event of a fire.

• Weather Proofing: The thin polyolefin jacket, applied via a unique vacuum extrusion process, offers a degree of weather proofing (IP54), enhancing its durability against environmental factors.

• Versatile Application: Designed for both dynamic and static applications, this conduit is suited for a wide range of settings, from commercial buildings to industrial facilities.

The C-Series LSOH Black Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit represents a fusion of safety, flexibility, and durability, making it an optimal solution for your wiring needs. Choose the C-Series LSOH for a reliable conduit that not only meets but exceeds industry standards in electrical installations.

See below the table for glands, contractor packs & accessories.
Maximum Temperature90°C
Minimum Temperature-10°C
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Part NumberTrade SizeI.D.O.D.Coil LengthColour

Glands to suit Black Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit LS0H

Accessories to suit Black Polyolefin Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit LS0H

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