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PVC Coated Steel Conduit Contractor Packs

PVC Coated Steel Conduit Contractor Packs
Introducing our Contractor Pack, a comprehensive solution featuring the C Series Black PVC Coated Galvanised Steel Conduit paired with Galvanised Steel Fixed Fittings. This pack is tailored for a wide range of applications, from dynamic environments to static setups, and is ideal for both commercial and industrial use.

The pack includes 10 meters of C Series Conduit, which combines the strength of plain galvanised steel with the protective properties of a PVC coating. This unique combination ensures high mechanical protection while maintaining excellent flexibility, making it suitable for various applications including lighting and underfloor heating systems. The thin PVC jacket adds a layer of weatherproofing (IP54), without compromising the conduit's flexibility, and is designed to withstand temperatures from -20°C to 80°C.

Also included are 10 Galvanised Steel Fixed Fittings, perfectly matched to provide secure, reliable connections between conduit sections. These fittings are rated to IP40, ensuring a solid installation and protection for your wiring systems.

Our Contractor Pack is designed to offer a seamless and efficient installation experience, providing all the necessary components for a durable and compliant electrical conduit system. Whether you're upgrading existing systems or installing new ones, this pack delivers quality, performance, and versatility for your electrical infrastructure needs.
Part NumberContents
PC2010m x C20 Conduit + 10 x CF20 Fittings
PC2510m x C25 Conduit + 10 x CF25 Fittings

We also sell glands individually

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