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Nickel Plated Brass Fixed Fitting

Nickel Plated Brass Fixed Fitting
Enhance your cable protection system with our Nickel Plated Brass Fixed Fitting, tailored for robust and secure connections within your electrical setups. This fitting is designed not only for strength but also for ensuring a seamless and watertight seal between the conduit and connector, making it a vital component in any installation.

Key Features:

Watertight Seal: Comes equipped with a unique sealing ring that ensures maximum protection against water ingress.
Electrical Continuity: The metal ferrule within the fitting provides enhanced electrical continuity, safeguarding the cables inside against external elements.
Abrasion Protection: Features a bush design specifically aimed at minimizing the risk of cable abrasion, thereby extending the life of your installations.

Exceptional Durability and Safety

Crafted from high-quality nickel-plated brass, this fixed fitting stands out with its capability to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to 80°C. Coupled with an IP67 rating, it promises superior dust-tight and immersion-resistant qualities, making it an ideal choice for demanding environments.
Designed for rapid mechanical tightening, it offers unparalleled resistance to traction and vibration, ensuring a stable and secure setup. This fitting is not just a component; it's a commitment to durability and safety in your cable management systems.

For a complete overview of compatible conduit types and additional information, please explore the subsection following the table for links to their dedicated pages. Optimize your electrical installations with this nickel-plated brass fixed fitting, where reliability meets efficiency.
TypeFixed Fitting
Maximum Temperature80°C
Minimum Temperature-20°C
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Part NumberThreadTrade Size

Designed for use with the following conduit

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Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature and atmospheric pressure unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; guidance is no substitute for in-situ testing which we recommend you perform prior to approving any product. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or discrepancies in the specifications.

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