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Fkmt - T-Shape Fluorocarbon Lined Hoses

Product Code: FKMT

T-Shape Fluorocarbon Lined Hoses for Fuel, Oil, and Chemicals


FKM - Silicone Hose

Introducing FKM — a fluorocarbon lined hose designed for fuel, oil, and chemical resistance.

Key Features:

  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Quality Material: 100% pure material for best resistance to oils and chemicals.


Ideal for Fuel Cell, Industrial, Automotive, and Euro 6 applications.

Choose FKM for a reliable, high-performance solution.

-55°C to +230°C


Fluorocarbon lining, reinforced with appropriate silicone compound and fabric.


  • -55°C to 230°C


  • Inner Layer: Fluorocarbon
  • Outer Cover: Silicone
  • Reinforcement: Polyester
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • Fuel Cell
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Euro 6

Suitable Media

  • Fuel
  • oil
  • chemicals
  • OAT coolants

Available Colours

  • Green
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessBurst PressureLengthPliesShapeColour
# of
FKMT-22-1022231.24.620.50.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-25-102782534.24.6190.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-28-10212837.24.618.80.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-32-1023241.24.618.20.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-30-1021183039.24.618.50.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-50.8-10217850.8604.6160.1023T ShapeBlue
FKMT-76-10237686. ShapeBlue

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