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Fluorosilicone Fuel 45 Degree Elbows

Product Code: FSH45

Fluorosilicone Fuel Hose 45 Degree Elbows for Fuel, Oil, and Chemicals


Fluorosilicone (Fmvq) and Fluorocarbon (FKM) lined hoses for fuel, oil and chemical resistance
Where oil, oil mist, fuel and or, certain chemicals may be present in turbocharger and other air or exhaust gas systems, it is necessary to use a fluorosilicone or fluorocarbon liner in a silicone hose. Normal silicone is not resistant to oil which, swells the silicone and permeates through wall of the hose.

A Fluorosilicone or Fluorocarbon lining can also be used to protect against OAT coolants, certain aggressive rust inhibitors sometimes used in coolant systems bi-products from EGR systems and other chemicals.

Fluorosilicone, when used with an appropriate silicone compound and fabric reinforcement, offers good temperature stability from -55°C up to +230°C. Fluorocarbon lined hoses offer slightly better high temperature stability however, are not as suited to use at extreme low temperatures.

Fluorocarbon is more resistant to and is required where an acidic environment is a risk, including some EGR bi-products. When producing FVMQ and FKM lined hoses, it is vital to use only the highest quality materials. Unlike some manufacturers who dilute the lining material to reduce cost, Megaflex use only 100% pure material, guaranteeing the best possible resistance to oils and chemicals. Any dilution of the liner material, potentially reduces the performance and resistance of the hose to oils and other chemicals.

By using only the highest quality materials, Megaflex automotive silicone hoses offer superior reliability even when operating under the extreme conditions found on modern Euro 6 engines.
Our Turbocharger and intake hoses are used by many OE vehicle manufacturers in Euro 5 and Euro 6 applications.

We use high quality polyester, meta-aramid and woven glass fabrics, depending on the application requirements such as, temperature and flexibility.
All fabrics reinforcement used in our silicone hoses, are of the highest quality, supplied by leading UK manufacturers.
Our standard range of hoses are made using 3, 4 or 5 plies of fabric depending on diameter, with wall thickness and construction dependent on service conditions and flexibility required. Our materials and specification are carefully chosen, to provide a hose which offer easy fitting combined with maximum performance.

Our silicone hoses are specifically designed for use in the turbocharger hot and cold side systems and coolant hose applications on Trucks, Buses, passenger cars, generators, railway engines and many other vehicle and industrial applications where resistance to fuel, oil, OAT coolants and various chemicals, is required.
We produce a wide range of straight sleeves, shaped non-convoluted hoses and convoluted hoses (bellows). Convoluted hoses are produced with both conventional cuffed ends or, with V-band connections. V-band clamp hoses are particularly useful where space limitations restrict fitting of the hose. They are ideal for joining pipes of similar or differing diameters – reducers, turbo chargers, intercoolers and air intake systems.

Production and Technical options
We offer part marking services including specific customer logo, part numbers and traceability options.
High temperature reflective sleeve, providing protection in specific vulnerable areas for example, close to turbo or exhaust systems.
Anti-abrasion sleeving. This can provide protection where a hose is likely to come in to contact with moving or, vibrating components.
Hose Clamps: We recommend and can provide a range of clips, ideal for all hose clamping solutions. See our Fitting Section for more information.


  • -55°C to 230°C

Suitable Media

  • Oil
  • Oil mist
  • Fuel
  • Air
  • Exhaust fumes


  • Wall: Fluorosilicone
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • SAE 20R1 class A


  • Automotive

Available Colours

  • Green
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessBurst PressureLengthPliesShapeAngle
# of°
FSH45-6-10214615.24.6340.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-6-15214615.24.6340.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-8-102516817.24.6320.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-8-152516817.24.6320.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-10-10238100.10245° Elbow45
FSH45-10-15238100.15245° Elbow45
FSH45-12-102121221.24.628.80.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-12-152121221.24.628.80.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-14-1021423.24.626.60.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-14-1521423.24.626.60.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-15-102150.10245° Elbow45
FSH45-15-152150.15245° Elbow45
FSH45-16-102581625.24.625.80.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-16-152581625.24.625.80.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-18-102180.10245° Elbow45
FSH45-18-152180.15245° Elbow45
FSH45-19-102341928.24.6220.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-19-152341928.24.6220.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-22-1022231.24.620.50.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-22-1522231.24.620.50.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-25-102782534.24.6190.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-25-152782534.24.6190.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-28-10212837.24.618.80.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-28-15212837.24.618.80.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-30-1021183039.24.618.50.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-30-1521183039.24.618.50.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-32-1023241.24.618.20.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-32-1523241.24.618.20.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-35-1021143544.24.617.20.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-35-1521143544.24.617.20.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-38-1021383847.24.616.60.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-38-1521383847.24.616.60.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-40-1021124049.24.616.10.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-40-1521124049.24.616.10.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-42-1024251.24.615.50.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-42-1524251.24.615.50.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-45-1021584554.24.614.20.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-45-1521584554.24.614.20.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-48-1021344857.24.613.80.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-48-1521344857.24.613.80.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-50.8-10217850.8604.6160.102345° Elbow45
FSH45-50.8-15217850.8604.6160.152345° Elbow45
FSH45-54-10225464.° Elbow45
FSH45-54-15225464.° Elbow45
FSH45-55-1022185565.° Elbow45
FSH45-55-1522185565.° Elbow45
FSH45-59-102590.10245° Elbow45
FSH45-59-152590.15245° Elbow45
FSH45-60-102214600.10245° Elbow45
FSH45-60-152214600.15245° Elbow45
FSH45-63-1022386373.° Elbow45
FSH45-63-1522386373.° Elbow45
FSH45-65-1026575.° Elbow45
FSH45-65-1526575.° Elbow45
FSH45-70-1022347080.° Elbow45
FSH45-70-1522347080.° Elbow45
FSH45-76-10237686.° Elbow45
FSH45-76-15237686.° Elbow45
FSH45-80-1028090.° Elbow45
FSH45-80-1528090.° Elbow45
FSH45-83-1023148393.25.170.102445° Elbow45
FSH45-83-1523148393.25.170.152445° Elbow45
FSH45-85-1028595.° Elbow45
FSH45-85-1528595.° Elbow45
FSH45-89-1023128999.° Elbow45
FSH45-89-1523128999.° Elbow45
FSH45-95-102334951055.17.40.102445° Elbow45
FSH45-95-152334951055.17.40.152445° Elbow45
FSH45-102-10241021135.560.102545° Elbow45
FSH45-102-15241021135.560.152545° Elbow45
FSH45-115-1024121151265.55.60.102545° Elbow45
FSH45-115-1524121151265.55.60.152545° Elbow45
FSH45-127-10251271385.550.102545° Elbow45
FSH45-127-15251271385.550.152545° Elbow45
FSH45-140-1025121401515.54.60.102545° Elbow45
FSH45-140-1525121401515.54.60.152545° Elbow45
FSH45-152-10261521635.54.20.102545° Elbow45
FSH45-152-15261521635.54.20.152545° Elbow45

Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; we are not responsible for errors or discrepancies in the specifications. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Please contact our sales office on 01636816612 for further details!