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Twin Line Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding Hose

Product Code: TLG

Twin Line NR/SBR Rubber Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding Hose Blue or Red


Twin design Red/Blue hose bonded together, each of 3 Layer construction comprising of a smooth black NBR/SBR rubber inner liner, reinforced with polyester braid, covered with a smooth pin-pricked blue (oxygen) or red (acetylene) NR/SBR rubber cover.

Abrasion resistant and weather resistant outer cover.

Red cover for Acetylene.
Blue cover for Oxygen.


  • -30°C to 80°C


  • Inner Layer: NBR/SBR
  • Outer Cover: NR/SBR
  • Reinforcement: Polyester
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • BS EN 559
  • DIN 8451
  • ISO 3821

Suitable Media

  • Oxygen
  • Air
  • acetylene


  • Welding
  • Gas welding

Available Colours

  • Red/Blue
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWorking PressureBurst PressureBend RadiusWeightLengthColourAvailability
TLG-614614206060368100Blue, RedGood
TLG-8516816206080462100Blue, RedGood
TLG-103810182060100680100Blue, RedGood

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