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Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing

Product Code: WST

Weld Spatter Resistant PU Tubing with Outer PVC Sheath for Welding and Robotics


Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing (WST Series)

Introducing Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing (WST Series) — designed specifically for welding applications where tubing is likely to come into contact with weld spatter and sparks. This tubing is made from pneumatic polyurethane covered in 1mm of flame retardant PVC, ensuring durability and resistance to most solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, moulds, and dilute acids. The outer tube is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, meeting UL94V0 Self Extinguishing Requirements.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Ideal for welding applications, carrying air, gases, some liquids, dry powders, and granules.
  • Properties: Resistant to weld spatter and sparks, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, durable, resistant to solvents, alkalis, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, moulds, and dilute acids.
  • Sizes: Available in 30m lengths, with internal diameters ranging from 4mm to 12mm.
  • Colors: Yellow, White, Light Blue, Grey.
  • Materials: Pneumatic polyurethane tubing, flame retardant PVC.

Choose Weld Spatter Resistant Tubing (WST Series) for a reliable, durable, and compliant solution in welding applications.


  • -30°C to 80°C


  • Welding applications
  • carrying air
  • gases
  • some liquids
  • dry powders
  • and granules

Suitable Media

  • air
  • gases
  • liquids
  • dry powders
  • granules


  • Inner Layer: PU
  • Outer Cover: PVC
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • California Proposition 65
  • UL94 V0
  • RoHS

Available Colours

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • White
PartInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureBurst PressureBend RadiusLengthColourAvailability

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