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Aliflex K Pre-insulated Aluminium/Polyester Laminate Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Ducting with Spring Steel Helix

Product Code: AFXK

Aliflex K Preinsulated Aluminium Polyester Laminate Ducting


Aliflex-K is a pre-insulated, fully lined, flexible air duct designed for heated and refrigerated air conditioning systems where a high degree of thermal insulation is required. The ducting is constructed from a core of flame retardant, multiple layer, aluminium/polyester laminate permanently bonded to a fully encapsulated high tensile spring steel helix. This is factory wrapped with a blanket of 25mm high density fibreglass insulation. The assembly is sheathed with a tough scuff resistant reinforced aluminium/polyester laminate jacket acting as the vapour barrier. A smooth inner bore and close pitch spring helix construction results in a product which is exceptionally flexible. Cross sectional area is maintained even on the sharpest bend, resulting in excellent friction loss characteristics and reduced levels of noise generation. This ducting conforms to BS476 parts 6, 7 & 20, with a fire resistance time of 20-27 minutes.

Features: Aluminium / polyester laminate Smooth bore / fire resistant with thermal insulation
Fire Resistant: tested and complies with BS476 parts 6, 7 & 20.
Pre-insulated: factory pre-insulated with a blanket of high density fibreglass insulation for energy efficiency.
Fully lined: the use of Aliflex as the inner core completely shields the airflow from the fibreglass insulation. "Outward cast" of heavy steel helix keeps the duct core from shrinking up inside the insulation and jacket, resulting in less waste.
Smooth Bore: fully encapsulated helix construction used in the inner liner gives a smooth bore, ensuring a low pressure drop and good acoustic performance.

Applications: air conditioning

Colours: Silver

Length: 10 metre length helps reduce waste. Easily cut to length, or spliced, on site. Conveniently packed, tightly compressed in individual cartons. Saves on storage, handling and transportation costs.

Durable: tough bi-directional reinforced metalised outer jacket resists tearing - reduces chance of damage to the vapour barrier.


  • -30°C to 125°C

Available Colours

  • Silver
  • Grey
PartInner DiameterBend RadiusWeightLengthColour

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