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Eolo L PVC - Dark Grey PVC Ducting with Rigid PVC Helix (Light Duty) for Suction of Air, Fumes, Gas, Dust

Product Code: EL01

Eolo L PVC Dark Grey PVC Ducting with Rigid PVC Helix (Light Duty)


Suction of air, fumes, gasses, sawing, dust, aerating and conditioning plants, woodworking plants etc. Resistant to low temperature.

Plasticized PVC ducting reinforced with anti-shock rigid PVC spiral. Perfectly smooth inside, outside corrugated. Wall thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.

More flexible and lighter than any Eolo in the range for ventilation. High mechanical characteristics, very light and flexible, good bending radius, resistant to ozone and atmospherical agents, ageing, hydrolysis, UV Rays, and most chemicals. It can be manufactured in antistatic version adding a copper wire. By earthing the copper wire, the duct becomes electrically bonded. The electrical resistance R ≤ 102 Ohm/m is according to ISO 8031 - ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and 99/92/EC.

RoHS 2011/65/EU Directive, REACH Regulation (1907/2006), TRB S 2153.

Manicotto EL Plus


  • -10°C to 50°C

Suitable Media

  • Air
  • Fumes
  • Gas
  • Dust
  • Sawdust
  • Shavings


  • Wall: PVC-P
  • Helix: PVC
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • Industrial ventilation
  • Air conditioning

Available Colours

  • Black
PartInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeightLengthVolumeColourAvailability
EL010252530.40.82.530160500.073Dark GreyGood
EL010272732.40.82.530170500.082Dark GreyProduction
EL010303035.60.82.540200500.115Dark GreyGood
EL0103231.837.40.8240210500.121Dark GreyGood
EL010353540.80.8240220500.131Dark GreyGood
EL0103838.144.30.8250270500.142Dark GreyGood
EL010393945.20.8250270500.145Dark GreyProduction
EL010404046.20.8250280500.177Dark GreyGood
EL010454551.80.8260350500.199Dark GreyGood
EL010505057.40.9260430500.248Dark GreyGood
EL0105151.558.90.9260440500.254Dark GreyProduction
EL0105250.858.20.9260440500.251Dark GreyGood
EL010555562.40.9270470500.270Dark GreyProduction
EL010606067.40.91.680510500.388Dark GreyGood
EL0106363.570.90.91.680540500.408Dark GreyGood
EL010656572.40.91.680550500.417Dark GreyProduction
EL010707077.811.590590500.448Dark GreyGood
EL01075758311.590650500.598Dark GreyGood
EL0107676.284.211.5100660500.606Dark GreyGood
EL0107777.785.711.5100670500.617Dark GreyProduction
EL010808089.211.5100790500.642Dark GreyGood
EL010909099.211.4110890300.429Dark GreyGood
EL0110010011011.31301000300.632Dark GreyGood
EL0110210211211.31301020300.644Dark GreyGood
EL0110310411311.31301030300.653Dark GreyProduction
EL0110510511511.21301070300.662Dark GreyProduction
EL0111011012011.21401160300.694Dark GreyGood
EL01120120130111501260300.751Dark GreyGood
EL01125125135111501310300.780Dark GreyProduction
EL01127127137111501330300.791Dark GreyGood
EL0113013014010.91601360300.809Dark GreyProduction
EL0114014015010.91701460301.16Dark GreyProduction
EL011501521631.10.81801690200.937Dark GreyGood
EL011521521641.10.81801700200.942Dark GreyProduction
EL011601601731.10.71901860200.884Dark GreyGood
EL011801801931.10.42102090200.986Dark GreyGood
EL012002002131.10.42302280201.64Dark GreyGood
EL012032032161.10.42302310201.66Dark GreyProduction
EL012502502651.20.42703390101.35Dark GreyGood
EL013003003151.20.33004140101.61Dark GreyGood

Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; we are not responsible for errors or discrepancies in the specifications. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Please contact our sales office on 01636816612 for further details!