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Eolo PU EST ASW Specialized Antistatic Ducting

Product Code: OU86

Eolo PU EST ASW Permanently Antistatic Ester-TPU Ducting with Rigid PVC Helix



Introducing Eolo PU EST ASW — a specialized hose with a wall made of special TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) based on ester with permanent antistatic properties (R<109 Ohm/m). This feature facilitates the continuous dissipation of electrostatic charges, enhancing the flow performance as the media transported easily detaches from the hose wall. The hose is reinforced with a shock-resistant rigid PVC spiral, featuring a completely smooth internal surface and a corrugated exterior. It offers good resistance to abrasion and bending with a wall thickness ranging from 0.4 to 0.8 mm. The Eolo PU EST ASW is also available in an AS version with a copper cord.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Suitable for the suction of dust, chips, granules, and abrasive substances in various industries.
  • Properties: Antistatic, good abrasion and bending resistance, smooth internal surface for improved flow, corrugated exterior.
  • Material: Wall made of special TPU based on ester, reinforced with rigid PVC spiral.
  • Color: Transparent with dark grey spiral.
  • Size Range: Diameters from 13 to 300 mm.

Choose Eolo PU EST ASW for efficient and safe handling of abrasive materials in industrial applications.


  • -40°C to 80°C


  • Suction of dust
  • chips
  • granules
  • and abrasive substances in various industries


  • Wall: Ester based TPU
  • Helix: PVC
  • Surface Finish: Smooth

Suitable Media

  • Dust
  • chips
  • abrasive material

Electrical Resistance

  • Antistatic to 109 Ω/m

Available Colours

  • Clear
  • Dark Grey
PartInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeightLengthVolumeColourAvailability
OU860131318.60.42.52080200.013Clear, GreyProduction
OU860161621.60.42.525100200.018Clear, GreyProduction
OU8601919., GreyProduction
OU860202025.60.42.525120200.025Clear, GreyGood
OU860222227.60.42.528130200.028Clear, GreyProduction
OU860252530.60.42.530150200.034Clear, GreyGood
OU860303035.60.42.535170200.051Clear, GreyGood
OU8603231.837.60.4235190200.054Clear, GreyGood
OU8603535410.5245220200.059Clear, GreyGood
OU8603838.144.30.5250250200.064Clear, GreyGood
OU860404046.20.5260260200.067Clear, GreyGood
OU860454551.40.5265300200.099Clear, GreyGood
OU860505056.80.5270350200.109Clear, GreyProduction
OU8605250.857.60.5270360200.111Clear, GreyGood
OU860555562.20.5275420200.119Clear, GreyProduction
OU860606067.60.51.680500200.173Clear, GreyGood
OU8606363.571.30.51.680550200.183Clear, GreyGood
OU860656572.80.51.690560200.186Clear, GreyProduction
OU860707078.40.61.695600300.339Clear, GreyGood
OU8607676., GreyGood
OU8608080890.61.6110690300.384Clear, GreyGood
OU860909099.20.61.4125800300.429Clear, GreyGood
OU861001001100.61.3140870300.631Clear, GreyGood
OU861021021120.61.3140880300.643Clear, GreyGood
OU861101101200.61.21501010300.692Clear, GreyGood
OU861201201310.611601210300.753Clear, GreyGood
OU861271271380.611701270300.794Clear, GreyGood
OU861301301410.70.91701460200.611Clear, GreyGood
OU861401401510.70.91801560200.654Clear, GreyGood
OU861501521630.70.82001620200.939Clear, GreyGood
OU861521521640.70.82001630200.840Clear, GreyGood
OU861601601740.70.72202080200.893Clear, GreyGood
OU861801801940.70.42502330201.49Clear, GreyGood
OU862002002140.70.42602400201.65Clear, GreyGood
OU862032032180.70.42602440201.67Clear, GreyGood
OU862502502660.80.43003620101.36Clear, GreyGood
OU863003003160.80.33504500101.62Clear, GreyGood

Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; we are not responsible for errors or discrepancies in the specifications. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Please contact our sales office on 01636816612 for further details!