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FlexFlyte L8 Lightweight Double Ply Silicone-coated Impregnated Glass Fabric Ducting with High Tensile Spring Steel Wire Helix

Product Code: FFL8

Flexflyte L8 Double Ply Silicone Ducting


A lightweight, flexible, smooth bore 2-ply duct made from an outer layer of silicone coated and impregnated glass fibre fabric and having an outer double cord of silicone coated glass fibre. This is supported by a high tensile spring steel helix which is lined internally with a woven glass fibre material coated and impregnated with silicone on both sides to give a smooth internal bore. For light service conditions where a smooth bore is required. The ducting is ideal for conveying air, fumes or light non-abrasive dust at low pressures and at extremes of temperature.

Applications: chemical fumes, industrial fumes, aerospace
Colours: red with white chord.
Length: 4 metres

Features: Silicone duct with high and low temperature resistance, good chemical resistance with smooth bore, reduced permeability
Lightweight: light in weight and easy to handle. Flexible: the construction of this ducting makes it highly flexible. Cross sectional area is maintained on sharp bends. Temperature Rating: operational at wide temperature extremes. High and low temperature resistance. Excellent ageing characteristics and low temperature flexibility. Chemical Resistance: fair resistance to many oils, greases, solvents and industrial chemicals in the vapour phase at moderate concentrations.
Versatile: available to order in any length up to 4.0 metres. A variety of factory fitted cuff styles (straight, tapered or expanded) are available for applications which require smoothness, security of attachment or a leak tight seal.
Smooth Bore: the smooth bore ensures optimum air flow.
Inspection: Certificates of conformance can be issued.


  • -60°C to 300°C

Available Colours

  • Red
PartInner DiameterWorking PressureVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeight

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