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Oregon PU PS Extra Polyurethane polyether hose with PVC rigid spiral

Product Code: 911308

Oregon PU PS Extra Polyurethane Polyether Ducting with Red Rigid PVC Helix


Oregon PU PS Extra

Introducing Oregon PU PS Extra — a Polyurethane polyether hose with PVC rigid spiral designed for suction and transport of abrasive materials.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility: Highly flexible for easy installation.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Resistant to abrasion for long-lasting use.
  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to most chemicals.


Ideal for suction and transport of abrasive materials.

Choose Oregon PU PS Extra for a reliable, high-performance solution.


Polyurethane polyether hose with PVC rigid spiral.


  • -25°C to 85°C


  • Wall: PU PE
  • Helix: PVC
  • Spiral Direction: Right
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • Suction and Transport of Abrasive Materials

Suitable Media

  • Abrasive Materials

Available Colours

  • Clear and Red


  • RoHS
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeightLengthTotal ThicknessSpiral DimensionsSpiral PitchSegment LengthColourAvailability
mm x mm
911308051251., RedProduction
91130806321262.571., RedProduction
911308076376.686., RedProduction
91130808931289.71010.81.35.51051120255.55x5.314Clear, RedProduction
91130810241031150.91511512002565.4x5.814.7Clear, RedProduction
91130811011012211512512702566x5.816Clear, RedProduction
91130812751281420.81514518002576.3x6.616.2Clear, RedProduction
91130815261521660.60.74.54202000256.86.316.4Clear, RedProduction
91130816016017610.74.543522502587.118Clear, RedProduction
9113082002002160.90.546603100208.17.722Clear, RedProduction
911308203820322010.546603300208.6820Clear, RedProduction
9113082502502711.70.341100390010.38.42012Clear, RedProduction
911308254102542720.90.341100380098.62412Clear, RedProduction
911308305123053220.90.23129041608.58.33010Clear, RedProduction

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