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Aircraft Defuelling Hose
Aircraft Defuelling Hose

Aircraft Defuelling Hose

Aircraft Defuelling Hose manufactured to BS 3158 Type F 1985. Cover: Black CR/NBR, anti-static rubber resistant to oil and abrasion. Electrical resistance - in accordance with clause 4 BS5173 part 4 - 1977 - is between 1 x 103 Ohms/M, to 1 x 106 Ohms/M. Reinforced with Rayon plies and nylon helix. Nitrile Butadiene suitable for aromatic hydrocarbons up to 40% by volume.Datasheet Available

Temperature Range
-26°C to 55°C

Colour: Black

This product is part of the "Aircraft Fuel" group of products, see the range here:

Please note: Hose, Tubing, Ducting and Conduit currently cannot be ordered using the website.
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PartID ⌀OD ⌀WeightWPBPCoil Length

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