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Multifood PHF - PVC PHF S&D Hose Reinforced with Rigid PVC Helix with Blue-Tinted Outer

Product Code: 911272

Multifood PHF - PVC S&D Hose Reinforced with Rigid PVC Helix with Blue-Tinted Outer


PVC PHF hose with rigid PVC helix and blue-tinted outside surface, stabilized to the light. Inside surface in PVC compound suitable for transfer and suction of fatty foodstuffs, alcoholic liquids up to 50%.


  • -5°C to 60°C

Food Quality

  • Suitable for alcohol up to 50%.

Available Colours

  • Clear
  • Blue Tint
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureBurst PressureVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeightLengthSpiral DimensionsSpiral PitchColour
mm x mm
91127202020273.582491203305073Clear, Blue
91127202512532.63.882491504005073Clear, Blue
911272030303848249180500507.53Clear, Blue
9112720321143240472191905205083Clear, Blue
9112720353543472192106005083Clear, Blue
9112720381123846.44.272192307005083Clear, Blue
91127204040494.57219240750508.54Clear, Blue
9112720451344554.24.66189270900509.54Clear, Blue
9112720502506056189300100050104Clear, Blue
911272060607266189360160050115.3Clear, Blue
9112720632126376.46.56189380167050125Clear, Blue
9112720707082.96.35159420185050125.5Clear, Blue
9112720757587.46.25159450190050125.6Clear, Blue
91127208080946.74129480220050135.9Clear, Blue
9112720903129010474129540248030146.3Clear, Blue
91127210010011684129600330030147Clear, Blue
9112721101101278.5399660345030157.5Clear, Blue
9112721201201378.5399720360030177.8Clear, Blue
9112721251251439269750420030178.3Clear, Blue
91127215015017010269900630030199Clear, Blue

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