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Ravenna-40-SD Liquid mud suction & delivery hose - Made as assembled lengths to customer requirements

Product Code: RAVENNA-40SD

Ravenna-40-SD Liquid Mud S&D Hose (Made as Assembled Lengths to Requirement)


Ravenna/40 S/D

Liquid mud suction & delivery hose designed for industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • Construction: Mandrel
  • Material: Smooth NBR rubber
  • Reinforcement: High tensile textile plies, steel helical wire, anti-static wires
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to 90°C
  • Pressure: Max Working Pressure of 40 Bar with a Safety Factor of 4:1


Designed for liquid mud suction & delivery in various industries.

-30°C to 90°C


  • -30°C to 90°C


  • Inner Layer: NBR
  • Outer Cover: Rubber
  • Reinforcement: High tensile textile plies
  • Helix: Steel
  • Surface Finish: Smooth

Suitable Media

  • Liquid mud
  • crude oil
  • Abrasive materials
  • Petrol with aromatic content up to 30%


  • Liquid mud suction & delivery in various industries

Electrical Resistance

  • Antistatic ✔
Suitable for aromatic hydrocarbons up to 30% aromatic content.

Available Colours

  • Black
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