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Spiralpress WT hose for suction and delivery of water at high pressures, even in severe conditions

Product Code: WT01

Spiralpress WT Plasticised Vinyl S&D Hose with Rigid PVC Helix and Polyester Yarn


Spiralpress WT

Introducing Spiralpress WT — a hose made by plasticized vinylic compound with an antishock rigid PVC spiral and textile reinforcement. It is designed for suction and delivery of water, conceived to resist at the highest pressures, even in severe conditions.

Key Features:

  • High Pressure Resistance: The textile braid reinforcement allows for a higher working pressure.
  • Food Grade: Food grade wall and spiral, according to EU 10/2011 (classes A, B, C, D1).


Ideal for Aquaculture, Fish Handling, Rental Pumping Systems, and Water Discharge.

Choose Spiralpress WT for a reliable, high-performance solution.


Hose made by plasticized vinylic compound with an antishock rigid PVC spiral and textile reinforcement.

Food Quality

  • EU Regulation 10/2011 Food Simulant A: Hydrophilic Foods.
  • EU Regulation 10/2011 Food Simulant B: Foods with pH <4.5.
  • EU Regulation 10/2011 Food Simulant C: Alcohol up to 20%.
  • EU Regulation 10/2011 Food Simulant D1: Alcohol content >20% and oil-in-water emulsions.


  • -10°C to 60°C


  • Wall: Plasticized Vinylic
  • Reinforcement: Polyester
  • Helix: PVC
  • Surface Finish: Smooth


  • Aquaculture
  • Fish Handling
  • Rental Pumping Systems
  • Water Discharge

Available Colours

  • Clear and Orange


  • EU 10/2011

Suitable Media

  • Water
PartInner DiameterInner DiameterOuter DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureVacuum RatingBend RadiusWeightLengthVolumeBanding Coil LengthColourAvailability
WT0103811238.152.3389.590790300.134153Clear, OrangeGood
WT010404054.2389.5100805300.139152Clear, OrangeGood
WT010505065.4379.51601085300.251180Clear, OrangeGood
WT01051250.866.2379.51601100300.254180Clear, OrangeGood
WT010606076.8379.51801230300.332203Clear, OrangeGood
WT01076376.295.83.5692001900300.414225Clear, OrangeGood
WT01080801013.5692102180300.581225Clear, OrangeGood
WT011001001213.5693002580300.928240Clear, OrangeGood
WT0110241021233.5693002655300.942240Clear, OrangeGood
WT0112751271525593803965301.56293Clear, OrangeGood
WT0115261521805584505225201.44323Clear, OrangeGood
WT0120382032366486008245101.89375Clear, OrangeGood

Please be advised; specifications assume standard room temperature unless otherwise specified. All data presented here is intended as a guide only; we are not responsible for errors or discrepancies in the specifications. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Please contact our sales office on 01636816612 for further details!